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about My Learning Well

Dedicated to providing the highest quality support for
the immediate and lifelong learning goals
of individuals, families, and organizations across the lifespan

Areas of Service Include,
But Are Not Limited to:

Come take a journey of discovery into the world of optimal being -- to liberate your deepest wisdom, and grow the skills of flexibility, creativity, and sound reasoning within yourself, your family, or organization.

When an individual or organization is born, it starts off with an essence and potential that flows as an underground river, while the surface changes through the seasons of its existence. Over time, the essence can be overshadowed by the many circumstances, decisions, and paths taken. This is where My Learning Well offers support and guidance. By taking clients through a series of stages and steps designed specifically for their needs, we help our customers to activate the learning prowess for continuous improvement.

My Learning Well's lifelong learning coaching tools help clients to balance the external forces of their environment with internal "being and becoming". We blend the latest in brain research, state-of-the-art learning methodologies, and supportive facilitation to assure that strong connections are made for ultimate success.

Unlock, Unblock, and Optimize!

The My, in My Learning Well, represents each of our individual longings and goals—to mobilize inner genius, flexibility, wisdom, confidence, and resilience. My Learning Well coaching requires your active participation and willingness to commit to the work that will ultimately lead to accomplishment and success. By using "process-consultation" methods, YOU will learn the specific strategies, activities, questions, and in-depth discussion areas to explore and analyze for future growth and development.

Life is an Editing Process!

  • Goal setting for personal or professional growth

  • Transitions & life changes support

  • Relationship & communications work

  • Stress/anxiety management

  • Higher order thinking & reasoning skills development

  • Flexible mind and creativity development

  • Academic learning tune-ups and interventions

  • Optimal learning styles & strategies

  • Associative process thinking and learning

  • Moving through writers-block

  • Actualizing inner rhythms and sense of presence

  • Mindful living through six levels of understanding
  • Personal Coaching - private informal assessment and facilitation for teens through senior adults for cognitive and affective performance, emotional intelligence, motivation, and well-being

  • Organizational Development - leadership, strategic planning, communications, teamwork, policy implementation, change management, workforce diversity, etc.

  • Diverse Student Learners - gifted & talented, at-risk, underachieving, in-transition (family or scholastic), U.S. newcomers, etc.

  • Neuro-Associative Training and Facilitation - creativity, ideation, problem clarification, play-development, communication enhancement, and problem resolution

  • Diversity Mentality and Equitable Practices - training and facilitation related to heritage, gender, orientation, affiliation group, family, etc.

  • Professional Development - seminars and workshops for business and educational learning communities

  • Parenting and Family Coaching - private coaching, group, and family workshops for parents with children of all ages